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Dr. Rankovic and Lead Extractions

Cardiac implanted electronic device lead extraction is one of the many areas of cardiac electrophysiology that Florida Electrophysiology Associates excels at. Dr. Vlad Rankovic started our lead extraction program in 2006 and was the first physician in Palm Beach County to use laser for lead extractions. Since that time, Dr. Rankovic has successfully extracted over 1,000 leads, placing our program in the top 2-3% in the U.S. for laser lead extraction procedures over the past four years. Analysis of lead extraction outcomes across the country suggests that success and lower complication rates are associated with high volume operators. In fact, the Heart Rhythm Society has recommended the extraction minimum of 20 lead annually per operator in order to maintain necessary proficiency and safety. Our number of extractions routinely exceeds a 100 leads annually, explaining our high success rate and outstanding safety record.

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