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Dr. Fishel and Catheter Ablations

Dr. Fishel has been performing complex catheter ablations for almost 20 years. Cardiologists refer patients to him from all over the state of Florida regarding him as the #1 ablator in the state. He has not only invented many device patents but has also created his own technique which allows him to ablate in a more efficient and timely manor, allowing the patient less anesthesia time.  Dr. Fishel has also created a bandage technique, as well, which allows patients wounds to heal rapidly with minimal scaring. Device companies regard him as one of the top leaders in the country and turn to him for his expert  opinion on their products. Dr. Fishel is also asked to train other Eps all over the country on his techniques.  Patients fly to see him from all over the country either through other physicians recommendations or by patients reading or hearing about him.  Dr. Fishel is not only  highly regarded in his community, state, and country, but all over the world as he has patients coming to see him from Saudi Arabia, England, Poland, and China just to name a few.

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