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Do you need a pacemaker or other heart device?

Do You Need a Pacemaker or Other Heart Device?
Electrophysiology services at Wellington Regional can provide life-changing care of patients with electrical problems of the heart, such as irregular or slow heartbeats, or poorly pumping hearts (heart failure). If a cardiac device is recommended, knowing what to expect is important. Here, electrophysiologist Marcelo Jimenez, MD, addresses key questions.
Do device implants involve a long hospital stay? No, procedures are typically done under general anesthesia and most people go home within 24 hours.
Will my lifestyle be affected?Depending on the kind of device you receive, your doctor can talk to you about certain activities you may need to avoid and what to expect. The goal is to help you get back to the activities you enjoy.
How is care changing and improving? Advances in care are providing exciting opportunities to implant devices in a way that more closely mimics the body’s natural functioning. Also, better imaging, less radiation and integration with electrical mapping can help to support the best possible outcomes and patient experience.
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