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His Bundle Pacing

His Bundle Pacing

His bundle pacing

His bundle pacing is the latest advancement in pacemaker technology and is limited to a small number of centers in the world. Dr. Kolek received extensive training in His bundle pacing during his fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The technique utilizes the specialized conduction tissue of the heart, allowing for a more natural form of pacing. Whereas traditional pacemakers inherently lead to dyssynchrony between the right and left ventricles of the heart and frequently lead to diminished cardiac function and heart failure, His bundle pacing utilizes the existing electrical conduction fibers in the heart to mimic a more natural heartbeat (Figure 1). This method of pacing is far less likely to lead to heart dyssynchrony and heart failure. Dr. Kolek has brought his unrivaled experience with His bundle pacing to the citizens of Palm Beach County. If you have been told you might need a pacemaker, contact our office today to inquire if you might be a candidate for His bundle pacing.

Figure 1. A. native QRS complex in a patient with no pacemaker. B. QRS complex in a patient with a traditional right ventricular pacemaker. C. QRS complex in a patient with a His bundle pacemaker.

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